Lefkada Travel Guide

Hi guys and welcome back.

Summer is officially here! I’m so happy I finally got to write this post, because I’ve been planning it out since last summer.
Today I want to share with you my last summer vacation. Me and my boyfriend went to the beautiful island of Lefkada, Greece and I thought it would be a great idea to share the experience and the places we went, in case you are interested in visiting this place.
So basically I’m gonna guide to some amazing places on this island that are a must see!

Lefkada is an island in the Ionian see, but it’s connected to the mainland by a causeway, so you can easily get there by a car/bus or land in the nearest airport in Preveza (Aktion National Airport).
Now that we have the basics down, we can move on to the island itself and talk more about the amazing places and beaches.
Out apartment was located in Enxantia, so the first day we arrived we went to the nearest beach Kalamitsi. Even though it wasn’t Lefkada’s most popular beach, I was already amazed by the beautiful, clear water. It was a small beach, with big rocks and the water was deep right away, so it felt like swimming in a pool.

Kalamitsi beach

We got the map, and set down to plan our 10 days stay, since there was so much to see.

The next three days we went to the beach called Kathisma, which is a beautiful long beach, filled with sun beds and beach bars. If you decide to go there, make sure to stop in the village near by, called Agios Nikitas, which has many restaurants, with great Greek food and if you want to enjoy the sunset with a cup of coffee, I recommend the coffe bar called On the Rock.

Kathisma Beach

On the Rock Caffe, Agios Nikitas

Another place that left me breathless was this nice little restaurant called Rachi, which is located in the same place we were staying (Enxantia). It’s literally above the clouds, the view is unreal and the food and cocktails are amazing!! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a nice place for dinner or date night. The pictures doesn’t do it justice..

Rachi Restaurant
source: Google
source: Google

Since we went there in September, the weather was cloudy and rainy for two days, and we  got to explore the island and visit the cities Lefkada, Nydri and Vassiliki. Even though it’s a small island, there is something to see in every corner. I also highly recommend renting a car/motorcycle while staying there, just so it’s easier to explore and visit more places. One thing to keep in mind is that the island’s roads are narrow and curved, since the island itself it’s mostly hills, but at the end it’s worth it.

Lefkada City


Nydri Waterfalls

Finally after the clouds cleared, we went to the most popular beach on the island Porto Katsiki, which is a wild beach and the view from above is breathtaking.
Unfortunately, we didn’t got the chance to visit Egremni, which is another stunning wild beach, due to the earthquake that happened in 2015, the road it not accessible, but you can totally get there by boat trip.

Porto Katsiki

Hope you found this post helpful, in case you we’re interested in visiting this island, which I 100% recommend.

Enjoy your vacation!!


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